An online webapp focused on delivering enriching presentations

A website application that allows students and educators to interact and learn effectively through powerpoint presentations.

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Tan Joon Kang, Gwee Yong Ta, Wong Zhi Cong
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Enhancing the learning experience within a Physical Classroom Environment

The classroom of the future will not be online but in a physical classroom where seamless interaction could take place. Lecturers and students would have requisite tools to augment their teachings and learning, contributing to a collaborative and fun learning environment.

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Solution description

Our solution is a website application that can display slides and has the capability to share in real time with everyone within the classroom/lecture hall. Educators can annotate on the slides to help students understand the concepts better. Quizzes are integrated within the presentation to test the students understanding of the concepts. The results of the quiz can be seen instantly and the professor can have a rough gauge on whether he has taught the concept well. 

Furthermore, students can post questions through the website whenever they have doubts. Other students can choose to upvote the questions that they also wish to ask. The professor can then see which concepts students have the most difficulty in understanding.


Solution context

Currently, professors can only use either projector or whiteboard at any one time. When using the projector, the screen has to be lowered, blocking the whiteboard. Similarly, they have to raise the screen to be able to use the whiteboard that is behind it. It is very troublesome and also time consuming. Also, they have to spend time erasing the board when they run out of space.

As students prefer to do their work individually on their desk, it is hard for professors to engage them in class activities which requires students to work on whiteboards.

Next, students will need to interupt the class in order to ask questions. As a result, many students will choose not to ask questions and are unable to clear their doubts.

Solution target group

Our target group would be both the presenter (professors) and audience (students).

Professors will be able to benefit from our solution as they can conduct the classes more efficiently. They can present the slides on the projector, and also pull down the 'whiteboard' feature from the top of their screen. It would save them the trouble of having to switch between whiteboard and projector, and also do not have to waste time erasing the whiteboard.

Students will be able to benefit from our solution as they can now ask questions on the spot and clear their doubt, thus improving their learning experience. Also, through quizzes and interaction on the online platform, they can better understand the concepts being taught. Additionally, professors can have a rough estimation of how much the class understands the concept through the percentage of questions answered correctly.

Solution impact

Our solution will allow for a seamless interaction in the classroom. Interaction between student and profeesors is made easier through the live sharing of slides. As such, more students will be willing to take part in the classroom discussions.

Feedback forms will be used to measure the effectiveness of our solution. Students and Educators can state their opinions regarding our solution and rate the practicality of our solution in the feedback forms. 

Solution tweet text

The future presents Visionary, the learning webapp that seamlessly integrates all your presentation tools into a single platform. With easy to use annoation features and real-time feedback, classrooms will never be the same as before. 

Solution innovativeness

Currently, most solutions are targeted on improving the aesthetics of the slides, but not on their delivery. Such solutions include Prezi and Visme, that allow the user to create stunning visuals, but do little in improving their presentation. 

In classrooms where attention of the students is essential, educators need to present their content in a interactive and enriching manner, and do so easily and seamlessly without having to drastically change their teaching method. 

Our solution is unique as it truly focuses on the delivery of a educational and interesting presentation, without compromising on pre-existing visuals or aesthetics. It is extremely easy to use, and can be accessed anywhere by anybody, which makes it a powerful learning tool. It also seamlessly integrates existing features found in many commonly used educational softwares, so both students and educators can transition easily into using Visionary. The idea of integrating features is not new, as evident in school management softwares like Firefly and Lumiar. However, these solutions handles things on a macro scale and tend to ignore the finer details that their integrated features do not cater to. 

Visionary is one of a kind because it narrows down to the context of a classroom or lecture theatre. It is heavily focused on making the learning experience for both students and educators enriching and fun.



Solution transferability

Our solution can be used in seminars, especially in places where there are no whiteboard available. The ease of interaction can also make the seminar more interesting and informative for both the audience and the speaker. The audience can participate in quizzes or give feedback easily and the speaker can review the performance of his seminar after.

Also, our solution can be adopted by companies for meetings and staff trainings. The fact that Visionary is a webapp means it can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and laptops which makes it extremely versatile in the settings it can be used. If a company is conducting on the go training where its participants have to be on their feet, he trainer can still engage his audience through Visionary as they can access it on their smartphones. These companies stand to benefit largely from a single training session and could potentially save time and cost from having to conduct further trainings. 

Solution sustainability

In the short term, we aim to implement Visionary within SUTD. We will gather feedbacks from students and educators to continuously improve and redesign our webapp to better meet its user needs. 

In the mid-term  we aim to expand Visionary to other Singaporean universities and tertiary institutes.

Finally, in the long run, we want to explore expanding VIsionary in primary and secondary schools in Singapore. As schools become increasingly tech-focusd in their teaching, it could be a viable option to share Visoinary's benefits to primary and secondary school students.

Solution team work

Our team was not particularly skilled in programming/coding, so we decided to play to our strengths by coming up with a creative idea and prototyping it with the use of Adobe xd. We also allocated work efficiently as we managed to do our pitching slides while another member worked on the prototype, which was only possible as we all had a clear idea of our solution. There were no major arguments and discussions were carried out rationally. Criticism was made where necessary and also done in a polite and respectful manner.


We believe we can work together as a team in the future, and possibly try to incorporate actual coding into our hackathon experience as we have definitely become more confident as a team after this Hackathon. 

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