Making recognition visible & actionable

With STITCH, we’re bridging the gap between formal and informal recognition by not making the distinction in the first place.
We treat your learning journey, your current and future skills as a collection of events that provide context to the endorsements already out there.

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Hack the recognition of skills and competencies

With learning at the centre of modern society, new ways of recognising learning are being sought that are more flexible, more inclusive and more transparent than the current forms of official certification. We invite you to come up with ideas to tackle this divide.

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Solution description

George Whitman said: "All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher."

Most of us have a common goal : further develop ourself and grow as a person, whether as student, educator, job seeker, ...

What is not often addressed or taught, is that your learning journey doesn't end with your degree. Today's world consists of lifelong learners, which is essential to keep up in an ever-changing world. And while our mindset about learning and access to information has evolved, our ways of recognising that learning is falling behind.

And the problem is not that recognition doesn’t exist, it is everywhere .. in the likes that you give, the praise you get, the phrases of appreciation in the comments of your blogpost, the badges you gained, the applause you got, ...  

But the problem is that we never make it really visible and actionable.

With STITCH, we’re bridging the gap between formal and informal recognition by not making the distinction in the first place.

We treat your learning journey, your current and future skills as a collection of events that provide context to the endorsements that are already out there. We let you add “endorsements” for peoples’ skills and learning goals, by providing your own context, or adding it right from the platforms you already know and love.

STITCH is an online timeline of your learning destinations and journeys including evidence, both self-provided and from external sources. This platform can also be used to link with other people acquiring the same skills as you are. This will allow you to get inspiration on which steps to take in order to acquire those specific skills.
For example, in your journey to learn design thinking, both the formal and informal steps would be taken into account. Formal school education would be taken into account along endorsements from your colleagues who would support it with tweets, linkedin posts or other data points.

It gives an overview of the learning journey and not only of the outcome

Solution context

Learning is happening both in- and outside of formal education. However, only learning which occurs in formal education is really captured from a recognition perspective.

Informal learning outside of the official education system usually goes up into thin air. This creates the need for a holistic solution capturing both, while making sure it fills the shortcomings of already existing endorsement systems, which are easy to hack, transactional and without context.

Solution target group

  • The first group is very broad and includes all learners, especially those who don’t feel included in the current way of recognising skills and competencies, or who believe the current system is not transparent, open or flexible enough. 
  • The 2nd group is the narrower group of recruiters who are interested in understanding better the learning journey of potential candidates and hence finding the right candidates for the positions they need to fill.

Solution impact

  • The impact would be a better recognition of both  the learning journeys of life-long-learners and also of the informal recognition of competencies through evidence-based endorsements. This could have as a result that people with less formally recognized education would not be at a disadvantage on the job market with regards to their formally-recognized peers. 
  • To measure the success of the satisfaction of the intrinsic aspect of recognition could be either through evaluating the net promoter score given by the users or through tracking the key user metrics of the platform ('Monthly Active Users', 'Number of recommendations', 'Latest Activity', 'Profiles viewed', ...)
  • To measure the impact of this better recognition of skills on the employability could be done through comparing if less formally recognized learners receive more employment opportunities with our solution compared to what they would receive on a more traditional platform such as LinkedIn, after adjusting for number of users.

Solution tweet text

Track the progress of your learning journey and make your learning path more efficient with STITCH. You’ll get all the formal and informal recognition you deserve for your skills, supported by fool-proof, peer-validated evidence. STITCH : the Pinterest for your achievements.

Solution innovativeness

Informal recognition is given everywhere.  In the likes that you give, the praise you get, the phrases of appreciation in the comments of your blogpost, the badges you gained, the applause you got, ..

The problem is that it is all scattered around and not structured in a way that such recognition can be made actionable in function from your own learning journey & skill gathering.

The innovation STITCH brings is capturing all these little pieces of recognition and putting the users in control of structuring them within the context that works best for their learning journey & search of recognition both formal as informal.

Solution transferability

Our solution has the goal to be global in order to be inclusive and could iintegrate all social media platforms in a same way Pinterest is doing now for the saving and discovering of images, we would do for the discovering of achievements & recognition.

On top of this, in the longer term the learning paths could be used as best practice for education organisations targeting similar learners.

Solution sustainability

  • In the short-term, the development of the platform could be done through community effort, especially since some of the target users could have a strong interest in contributing to the construction of a first version. 
  • In the medium term, subsidies and grants could help fill the gaps to achieve the realisation of a reliable solution
  • In the longer term, recruiters would pay to use it, making the solution financially self-sustainable
  • As an alternative also users could be offered a Premium version with additional views on possible interesting learning journeys towards job opportunities

Solution team work

The strength and the challenge of working together was because of our diversity of profiles and skills. It was great because it gave us many different ideas which complemented each other. It was sometimes a bit trickier to agree because our different perspectives prompted us to reach different conclusions. Since most of us didn’t know each other before the start of the hackathon, we’re confident that with more time to get to know each other and learn from one another we would easily be able to overcome the challenges of our team diversity.

* Climate-KIC publishes the proposed solutions developed during the DigiEduHack event solely for the purposes of facilitating public access to the information concerning ideas and shall not be liable regarding any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use any of the proposed solutions shared on its website neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights. Climate-KIC cannot guarantee that the text of the proposed solution is an exact reproduction of the proposed solution. This database is general in character and where you want to use and develop a proposed solution further, this is permitted provided that you acknowledge the source and the team which worked on the solution by using the team’s name indicated on the website.

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