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Service, allows student step up progress in choosing a career

We created a service, which leads a student from his personal abilities and goals to suitable profession by an interactive career map.

Profimap Team
Team members
Pokidov Dmitrii, Sergey Rishko, Veronika Petrukhina , Eugeniy Kozubov, Artemiy Yeskov
Contact details +79992048633 (both call and messengers)

Gamification in education

Gamification is a technology that can make even boring tasks interesting. All that is needed is to come up with a game and determine the motivation of the players. The main question is - how to make the most of these technology in an educational context?

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Solution description

Result is a service, which introduces profession diversity, highlights hard and soft skills, which are necessary for each profession. While students testing himself in this service, the system gets the competencies on the dynamic and interactive career map, which shows the individual career track and can lead him through the life-long competences development. During their life students can apply to this service many times in order to concretize their skills and possible further skills upgrade. The road to the aim consists of tasks and games and supported by the achievements.

Solution context

The main challenge for our team is to lead a student from his or her personal abilities and goals to suitable profession by an interactive career map.

Solution target group

Target group is 14-22 y.o. students. Using our system of measuring students hard and soft skills, they can solve their key problem – understand in what way they should improve themselves in order to reach the career dream.

Solution impact

Students, who use our service step up their progress in choosing a dream career and use all his or her forces to improve certain competencies.

Solution tweet text

We created a service, which leads a student from his personal abilities and goals to suitable profession by an interactive career map.

Solution innovativeness

The existing tests and methodologies work for informing and showing career proclivities, but do not show, how to reach the career goals step by step.  We connect individual skills with the future job requirements for understanding personal education track in the dynamic career market.

Solution transferability

Our solution is suitable for various ages students and could be used both at first career steps at school and university and while switching occupation.

Solution sustainability

Our future plans are:

1)increase the database of tasks and tests;

2)establish a database of professions;

3)give relevant recommendations, based on AI;

4)create Big Data for future career trends.

Solution team work

For sure! We did a great job, thanks for each member contribution.

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