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Jomob is a dynamic carpooling service aimed at reducing the number of cars on the road and CO2 emissions


Hack in mob
Team members
Emanuele Altomano, Claudio Rubicco, Antonio Picaro
Contact details, +393296958796

Solution description

Jomob is a dynamic carpooling service aimed at reducing the number of cars on the road and consequently CO2 emissions.

Who uses Jomob is able to realize the amount of CO2 not released into the air.

The success of the service can be seen from the car in circulation at peak times.

Solution context

The problem we are facing is that of the excessive number of vehicles outside the institutes during entry / exit times, another problem, a consequence of the first, is CO2 emissions.

Solution target group

This innovation will affect the whole society in the school environment and who will benefit will be the users of the service, paying a modest sum compared to what they would have had to pay without the use of Jomob.

Solution impact

From an environmental point of view, CO2 emissions would be greatly reduced,

To measure it, just imagine that cars would be reduced by at least 25% if most drivers used our service.

Solution tweet text

Jomob is a dynamic carpooling service aimed at reducing the number of cars on the road and CO2 emissions.

Solution innovativeness

There is something similar but not the same, not for short journeys.

Solution transferability

Our solution is mainly designed for schools but can be applied on any route.

Solution sustainability

First of all, advertising should be done in order to let everyone know about the service,

in the long term, smog would be greatly reduced in the city and there would be far fewer vehicles running at peak times.

Solution team work

We have developed the project together, I would very much like to continue working as a team.

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