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Everything a beekeeper needs

The BeeSmart mobile app offers all the necessary information and knowledge that the beekeeper needs in his activities in an interactive way. The app can help him with the necessary education, reminds him of his monthly activities.


Team: BeeSmart

Team members

Franci Klavž, Urška Šmajs

Members roles and background

We are a team of a designer(Urška) and programmer(Franci).

Our goal are attractive and simple solutions which solve modern problems.

We strive for perfection and usability.

Urška is also a environmental health student and also eager learner of programming and deisgning knowledge.

Franci is a programmer working in web and mobile app development.

Contact details

Solution description

The BeeSmart mobile app represents a loyal friend to the beekeeper. It offers him all the necessary information and knowledge that the beekeeper needs in his activities in an interactive way. The app can help him with the necessary education, reminds him of his monthly activities, etc. It also offers push notifications for beekeepers about dangerous diseases, i.e. severe bee brood rot, as other beekeepers within a 10km radius are alerted to this serious disease. The app also has a blog for beekeepers, which is a quick way to communicate, search and share information.

We want to gather as many beekeepers as possible. In our country we want to get atleast 10 % of all beekeepers to use our app. We want to encourage more young beekeepers to get a handle at beekeeping. To interest them in this field we offer them all the knowledge in a way that is more suitable for younger populations.

The app also supports functionalities for people with bad sight. 

With our app the beekeeping industry will become more popular and therefore bees will have better environments to survive and continue pollinating plants which is crucial for the humanity survival.

Solution context

Right now the only way of getting new beekeepers is that the older beekeepers transfer their knowledge to their descendants.

Younger beekeepers don't want to get into beekeeping or can't, because the information is not available and at hand. Young people want to gain knowledge in a more interactive way than just with some boring PDF and Word documents.

Without new beekeepers the beekeeping industry won't be able to keep up with the demand and we won't be self sufficient with the beekeeping products.

Bees are also crucial for plants pollinating which is crucial for humanity to survive.

Solution target group

With our app we want to encourage younger people (14 to 35 years) to get interested into beekeeping. 

We also want to inform all other existing beekeepers and make their life easier with our solution.

Solution impact

We will measure the impact of our solution by the number of beekeepers that use our app. In Slovenia there are currently 11000 beekeepers and for the start we want to gain initial 10 % (cca. 1000) of beekeepers.

After that we will start targeting other people that are interested in bee products and into beekeeping.

Solution tweet text

BeeSmart - everything that a beekeeper needs in one place.

Solution innovativeness

There are currenty no products that contain educational content for beekeepers. Currenty the only way to learn something about beekeeping is reading books and PDF documents.

People want to learn in more interactive ways.

Solution transferability

The app can also be modified to offer educational content in other agricultural industries.

The questions and quizes can be adjusted as well as the educational content.

Solution sustainability

We will develop the app so that it will contain all the educational content a beekeeper needs. 

After we gather a certain amount of beekeepers we will include other people in the existing community in our app.

After a year we will upgrade the platform so that the customers will have the option to support local beekeepers and find the nearest bee products.

Solution team work

Our team was very organized. We had a designer and a programmer. The communication was very smooth and without many conflicts. We agreed on most of the things. 

In the future we will most certainly have to expand the team to speed up the developing process.

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