16.09.2020 / Community event / Building engagement in digital learning: a school perspective

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As the pandemic unfolded all over the world, distance learning has become almost overnight an essential part in the life of learners, teachers, educators and trainers. The entire world has turned into an unprecedented digital education experimentation.

This had an impact on "how we teach" and "how we learn", with extreme disparities depending on local contexts. One thing is common to all: how to build engagement with learners, especially in the digital classroom?

During this community event, Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel will address the multilevel issues linked to learner engagement in the digital classroom: is there a common denominator between in-person classroom and digital classroom? How to combine the best practices when it comes to blended learning? How to improve the learner engagement?

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: Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel
Host: Line Gry Knudsen
 1.9.2020 / 12:00 CET
Open to: all 
Length: 45 min 
Platform: Zoom
Recorded: yes
Q&A: yes