Online visual meetings / video conferencing / webinars

Choosing the right online meeting tool can be a bit of a hassle, especially as the avalaible apps for this task tend to offer different possibilities. Before settling on the  right tool for you, we suggest you to have a glance at this article: "Zoom vs Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams vs Webex Meetings vs BlueJeans" on 

Jitsi online meeting tool (open source, free, unlimited. Requires a server install unless you use

Skype / Skype for businesses
online meeting tool (freemium)

Google Meet online meeting tool (free, gmail account required, calls limited to 60 minutes)

Microsoft Teams online meeting tool (freemium)

Discord online meeting tool (freemium)

Zoom online meeting tool (freemium, 40 minutes time-limit on the free version, beware of reported privacy issues)

BlueJeans online meeting tool (freemium)

Webex online meeting tool (freemium)