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Charlotta is the Communications Manager of global DigiEduHack and currently on maternity leave with her son Milian, born in May 2020. Charlotta has several years of professional and international experience in Communications and Marketing, and she has also served as a TV, radio and newspaper journalist.

With a broad set of practical skills in global strategical multichannel communications, brand development, global digital and viral marketing campaigns, PR, graphic design, video and content production, she is used to working towards various international audiences.

Charlotta loves learning new languages and is proficient in English, French, Swedish and Finnish, and she also speaks Italian and Spanish.

Graduated in Social Sciences in 1997 from Åbo Akademi University, Ida has pursued a career in high-tech and education.

After a long time as an Education Policy Manager in Nokia headquarters until 2012, Ida changed radically her career to a more hands-on job at Apple, where she worked directly with schools in order to enhance the usage of technology in learning.

Since 2019 Ida has joined Aalto University and is the project manager for DigiEduHack. She proudly contributed to the success of the first edition!

After being the communication and brand manager of the Stade de France and after 10 years of freelancing in photography/graphic design, Laurent Chmiel settled in the cosy offices of Aalto University to join the DigiEduHack team as a communication specialist in replacement of Charlotta Järf, currently in parental leave.

Laurent will help the 2020 hosts in all their visual, communication, social media matters.
Throw him your most challenging issues!

Guides for hosts

All you need to know as a host, in one book!

All you need to know about organising your DigiEduHack event, step by step: from how to get your initial core crew together to advice on wraping up your event day! 

Fully navigable, super practical. 
Easy to use and easy to share. 
In pdf format. 

> Download your copy of the Complete Host Book

If you have a question, contact us!

All the benefits of joining DigiEduHack as a host, in a guide! 

Easy to use and easy to share. 
In pdf format. 

> Download your copy of the "Join as a Host" guide 

If you have a question, contact us!

Tool list

All you need to run your online hackathon!

This list of curated tools for hackathons is in constant evolution. Come back and check it often!

It is based on the "Typology of Free Web-based Learning Technologies (2020)" by Matt Bower and Jodie Torrington (Macquarie University, Australia), available here

You would like to add a tool to the list? Contact us!

You can use these LMS/assessment tools as a platform to run your online hackathon. 
Please refer to the Complete Host Book for (much) more details on how to run an online hackathon! 

ClassMarker (freemium)
Quizzlet (free)

PeerWise (free, but you need to be part of a university that is implicated in the project) 

CoboCards (free)

GoSoapBox (free up to 30 participants if you're an educator/teacher)


FreeSound one of the oldest (and free) sound database on internet (free) 


Soundation record, mix, edit online (free, advanced) 

Vocaroo record, mix, edit online (free, beginner)

Audacity THE reference for anything audio (free, software) 


Soundcloud share and organise your audio producations (free) 

Chirbit share and organise your audio producations (free)


Screencast record your screen (free) 

YouTube Editor record, mix, add text and more (free, beginner)

VideoToolbox record, mix, add text and more (free, advanced)


Vimeo share your videos (freemium) 

YouTube share your videos (free)

Slack advanced chat board (free, some limitations apply)

RocketChat advanced chat board (free if self-hosted, open-source)

MatterMost advanced chat board (free if self-hosted, open-source)

OpenStreetMap tag, map, share, customize (free, open-source)

GoogleMaps tag, map, share, customize (free)

Although you don't need a dedicated hackathon platform to run your hackathon, using one will help you to corral your participants through a journey that will help them to deliver the best possible solution to your challenge. Please take a note that all these platforms are pay-per-use. 

DigiEduHack LMS free (under certain conditions) and super easy to use (available mid-August 2020)

Taikai one of the simplest to use yet most advanced platforms, with a great blockchain-based judging system. The huge plus: the "Taikai for Good" program that grants free access to the platform and all its features for educational institutions, research institutions, and non-profit organisation (with a limitation to 50 participants per hackathon) 

DevPost a heavyweight player in the segment. Advanced and expensive (1500$ per month)

Agorize a hi-end, dev-oriented platform. Advanced. Price on request.

Mettl versatile and customisable platform. Prices starting at 3500$ for a 10 to 50 participants hackathon.


Sketchpad draw, share, print (free)

Slimber draw, share, print and replay (free)

DAGRAMS super adavanced diagrams tool with Git integration (freemium, with amazing free features) diagrams and flowcharts (free)

Gliffy diagrams and flowcharts (free, conditions apply)


AWW Board online whiteboard (free)

CoSketch online whiteboard (free)

WhiteBoard online whiteboard (free)

Miro advanced online whiteboard (freemium)

Webo Hosting free up to 5 Go, advanced sharing functions (open-source)

Google Drive free up to 15 Go, advanced sharing fuctions

Important note when using images: be sure to check in advance the type of licence attached to each image you plan to use for your communication. Be aware that the image status migh differ according to the nature of the organisation you work for/represent! 


CCSearch a creative-common resource for images (free, conditions apply. Please check the credit rules for the images you plan to use)


Muro Deviant Art advance online image editing (free)

SumoPaint advance online image editing (free)

Pixlr advance online image editing (free)


Flickr image sharing (freemium)

Instagram advance online image editing (free)

Infogram an online infographics creation tool (freemium)

Vengage an online infographics creation tool (freemium)

AMCharts an online charts creation tool (freemium)

WiseMapping online mind mapping editor (free)

Mind42 online mind mapping editor (free)

Debate Graph online mind mapping editor (free, advanced)

MindMup online mind mapping editor (freemium, with a very fair price)

Mind Meister online mind mapping editor (freemium)

Shape Shifter online 3d modeling tool (free)

TinkerCAD online 3d modeling tool (free)

3D Slash online 3d modeling tool (free, great for kids!)

SketchUp online 3d modeling tool (free)


CryptPad a collaborative note service (freemium, no sign-in)

Collabora a collaborative note service (freemium)

Only Office a collaborative note service (freemium)

Google Keep
a collaborative, on-the-fly note service (free, but requires a gmail account)

Google Docs an advanced collaborative, online editor (free)

Etherpad a collaborative note service (free, but need to be installed on a server)


FramaCalc a collaborative spreadsheet (free, open-source, )

Google Spreasheets a collaborative spreadsheet (free, open-source, )

Choosing the right online meeting tool can be a bit of a hassle, especially as the avalaible apps for this task tend to offer different possibilities. Before settling on the  right tool for you, we suggest you to have a glance at this article: "Zoom vs Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams vs Webex Meetings vs BlueJeans" on 

Jitsi online meeting tool (open source, free, unlimited. Requires a server install unless you use

Skype / Skype for businesses
online meeting tool (freemium)

Google Meet online meeting tool (free, gmail account required, calls limited to 60 minutes)

Microsoft Teams online meeting tool (freemium)

Discord online meeting tool (freemium)

Zoom online meeting tool (freemium, 40 minutes time-limit on the free version, beware of reported privacy issues)

BlueJeans online meeting tool (freemium)

Webex online meeting tool (freemium)



Prezi online rich-media presentations (free, with limitations)

BannerSnack online rich-media presentations (free, up to 10 designs)

VCasmo online rich-media presentations (free, with limitations)

SlideShare online rich-media presentations (free, you need a LinkedIn account)

Google Slides online rich-media presentations (free, you need a Gmail account)

InVision advanced online prototyping tool (freemium)

Marvel advanced online prototyping tool (freemium)

Figma advanced online prototyping tool (freemium)

Flipboard a powerful RSS aggregator that uses an in-browser plug-in to collect content (freemium)
Check the DigiEduHack Flipboard for inspiration on all digital education topics!

Feedly a plain-text RSS aggregator (freemium)

Scoop It a curated content aggregtor (freemium)

Pinterest a visual content aggregtor (freemium)

LiveBinders a great tab-based content aggregtor (free)



PowToon online animation tool with a lot of customisation / integrated image bank (freemium)

Moovly online animation tool with a lot of customisation / integrated image bank (freemium)


WittyComics online comic strip tool with grown-up characters (free)

PixTon online comic strip tool with kids characters (free)


The Plot online storyboarding tool (freemium)

Canva online moodboarding tool with a lot of customisation (freemium)

A streaming service or app allows you to broadcast your webinar, live. If y6ou want to connect several participants, share screens, 

 streaming service with a lot of configuration options (free)

Facebook streaming service with a lot of configuration options (free)

Twitch streaming service with a lot of configuration options (free, specialised audience)

Periscope mobile-based streaming service (free)

Survey Monkey advanced online survey tool (freemium)

Crowd Signal advanced online survey tool (freemium)

Survey Gizmo advanced online survey tool (freemium)

Time Toast timeline creator (free)

Tiki Toki timeline creator (freemium)

Office Timeline Online timeline creator (freemium)


Glogster intuitive one pager with attached content library (freemium)

Carrd dedicated one pager (freemium)


WordPress advanced website building tool (freemium) 

Google Site simple website building tool (free, but you need a Gmail account) 

Webador advanced website building tool (free for first 3 months) 

Wix advanced website building tool (freemium) 

Word Clouds text-based online concept illustrator (free)

Word Art text-based online concept illustrator (free, really does illustrations)

Logos & visual identity

DigiEduHack logos

Download the DigiEduHack color logo package 
The DigiEduHack color logo package includes a vector logo, a pixel logo on transparent background, a pixel logo on white background

Download the DigiEduHack monochrome (black) logo package 
The DigiEduHack monochrome (black) logo package includes a vector logo, a pixel logo on transparent background, a pixel logo on white background

Download the DigiEduHack monochrome (white) logo package 
The DigiEduHack monochrome (white) logo package includes a vector logo, a pixel logo on transparent background, a pixel logo on black background

Download the DigiEduHack partners color logos block 
The block is available in vector format, in two configurations: 3x3 grid and one-liner. 

If you have a question regarding the partners logos or their use, contact us!

Download the DigiEduHack supporters color logos block 
The block is available in vector format, in two configurations: grid and one-liner. 

If you have a question regarding the supporters logos or their use, contact us!

DigiEduHack brand book

Download the DigiEduHack brand book 
The brand book explains all you need to know about all the DigiEduHack logos! 

If you have a question regarding the logo or its use, contact us!

Recruit participants

All you need to get participants on board

Participant recruitment can be an arduous task for hosts. We created a series of assets to help you engage and recruit participants. All these assets can be customized for free by the central team throught the Host Studio: we can edit/add message, add the logo of your organisation, or change all the wording in your national language including the message in the video (if you provide the translations!)  

SoMe images: get access to our image trove
Video: you can find the global "participant recruitment video" on YouTube and as a stand-alone mp4 file.

The Host studio is open to all hosts. It offers deep-level customisation possibilities on existing assets used for recruiting participants or promoting DigiEduhack events. You can find these existing assets here for the video and here for the images. 

Hosts can submit  to the Host Studio special creation requests. These requests are evaluated by the central team and their production depends on their feasability.

What can be done
- adding your logo to the video / images
- adding translated text the video / images (we will ask us to provide the translations)
- adding specific practical info related to your challenge
- adding your challenge name

What cannot be done
- removing the existing logos from the assests 
- changing the colors used in the assets
- changing the music of the video 
- adding footage to the existing video 
- changing the model used in the visuals 
- replacing footage in the video

Submit your requests here



These templates can be customized by the central team throught the Host Studio to better fit your own communication goals, your recruitment objectives and the communication around your challenge. 

Template #1
Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram
Please use the tags @DigiEduHack and @EUDigitalEdu if you attach an image to your post
You can use you own DigiEduHack URL in the end of the message 

2 days to change the future of #DigitalEducation

Take action and join #DigiEduHack

12-13 November, in Europe and beyond
Online or offline, alone or in a team


Together #weredefinelearning


Template #2 
Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram
Please use the tags @DigiEduHack and @EUDigitalEdu if you attach an image to your post
You can use you own DigiEduHack URL in the end of the message 

Join #DigiEduHack now, change the future of #DigitalEducation


12-13 November 2020 in Europe and beyond.
Together #weredefinelearning


Webinars & community events

Let the inspiration flow!

To help you crafting the most efficient, engaging and impactful challenge, we collaborated with Industryhack to create a framework dedicated to DigiEduHack hosts. During this webinar we are going through the ideation process andf the descrption process of your challenge. 

Book your seat!

Hosts: Mikael Hautala, Satu Hotari, Aino Haiska (Industryhack)
Date: 8.9.2020
Time: 12:00 CET
Open to: registered hosts only 
Length: 2 hours 
Platform: Zoom
Recorded event: yes
Q&A: yes

You missed this webinar? No worries: we have a previously recorded session and a comprehensive transcript

DEH2020 communityevent twitter 02

As the pandemic unfolded all over the world, distance learning has become almost overnight an essential part in the life of learners, teachers, educators and trainers. The entire world has turned into an unprecedented digital education experimentation.

This had an impact on "how we teach" and "how we learn", with extreme disparities depending on local contexts. One thing is common to all: how to build engagement with learners, especially in the digital classroom?

During this community event, Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel will address the multilevel issues linked to learner engagement in the digital classroom: is there a common denominator between in-person classroom and digital classroom? How to combine the best practices when it comes to blended learning? How to improve the learner engagement?

Book your seat!

: Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel
Host: Line Gry Knudsen
 1.9.2020 / 12:00 CET
Open to: all 
Length: 45 min 
Platform: Zoom
Recorded: yes
Q&A: yes

Challenge building

Build the best challenge possible!

Carefully craft your challenge following our step-by-step framework: the challenge buiding canvas has been specially adapted to help all DigiEduHack hosts in crafting, deepening and assessing their challenge. No matter if you're a seasonned host or if you're running your first hackathon: our challenge canvas will take your challenge further!  

Easy to use and easy to share for a collaborative use. 
In editable PDF format (type, edit and save your texts!)

> Download the challenge building canvas

If you have a question, contact us!

Social media

We are working on the content for this page. Please feel free to contact us directly if any questions

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