Who can host?

There are different kinds of Digital Education Hack hosts, including universities, other education organisations, ministries, education associations, edutech start-ups, companies, NGOs, and schools.

Main Digital Education Hack hosts

Education organisations
Companies and start-ups

How to host

Whether you are representing a university, an edutech start-up company, or another stakeholder, there are specific requirements for hosting a Digital Education Hack.

What will you need for organizing?

  • A venue (with movable furniture) and stable Wifi access to connect to other hacks.
  • Some experts: a facilitator who guides the teams through the event, some mentors who can help the teams in formulating the solutions, a thematic expert speaker to inspire the participants and (eventually) a panel of judges to select the best ideas
  • Participants – upwards from 30 is a good amount to formulate enough teams for innovative solutions
  • Food and beverages for participants

Other practicalities

  • In a final global award contest, the teams with the best solutions will be awarded 5000 euros each to start implementing the suggested solutions.
  • If you choose to set up a local award, you might need a prize for the winner(s).
  • You will need a budget – estimate upwards from 3000 euros depending on your at-hand resources. Remember the option to partner with other organizations and companies to extend resources.


  • Formulate a challenge based on the Digital Education Hack Challenges.
  • Organize an event and invite your stakeholders to
    solve the challenge.
  • We will provide you with a guidebook, communication materials, online
    training and website space.
  • Find innovative solutions to educational
  • Benefit from ideas of diverse education enthusiasts.
  • Engage your students or other stakeholders by
    co-creating solutions together.
  • Offer a challenge-based learning experience to your
  • Become part of Digital Education Hack
What we offer
  • An extensive communications and marketing campaign
  • Visibility and outreach for your organization
  • Communications toolkit including:
    - A Hackathon Handbook covering all aspects of planning an event
    - Communications and marketing templates and materials
    - Brand identity and social media guidelines
    - Tools and templates for facilitation
  • Advisory forum and various inspirational content
  • Webinar training on:
    - How to formulate a hackathon challenge
    - How to find the right participants
    - How to use facilitation tools for designing innovative solutions
  • Further marketing and showcasing opportunities as all solutions will be shared online
  • A global award of 5000 euros for each winning team (three in total)

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