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Lisbon - How can education and technology evolve together?
In teaching, learning, evaluation, connecting and engaging with the community and support daily tasks, technology can offer innovative & powerful solutions. How we can make these processes lighter, innovative and funnier? Technology and Education can walk together. This hack will start the momentum.
Cieszyn - Tools where knowledge gets organised.
The School In The Cloud. An important part of the application will be real-time collaboration between people to realize the full potential of the SOLE methodology. Like Sugata Mitra, we want the app to draw maximum creativity and collaboration out of people.
Epale Edu Hack. Progettiamo insieme il CPIA del futuro
The current medical emergency has lead to the adoption of an integrated digital teaching and learning. Our challenge wants to improve the use of digital technologies in adult education thorugh the development of new learning environments for an inclusive and student-centred digital teaching.
Dortmund - DigiEduHack Dortmund 2021
The participants of the DigiEduHack Dortmund 2021 will jointly develop solutions to stimulate the learning processes of lower secondary school students (grades 5 to 9 or 10 depending on the type of school) in our city by using digital technologies , including extracurricular learning scenarios.
Stockholm - DigiEduToolkit
We are a group of educators with interest in EdTech who worked with technology integration in educational settings. Join the discussion on a useful toolkit starting with pedagogical affordances in mind!
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How can we make learning design innovative, effective and fun?

In teaching, learning and assessment, digital technologies can offer innovative, purposeful and effective ways of engaging both teachers and students.

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The need for innovative learning design and delivery is constantly growing to increase and improve student motivation and learning outcomes.

How can we make learning design innovative, effective and fun?
Possible themes for challenges:

  • Co-creation of learning material (e.g. Open Educational Resources)
  • Digital games
  • Online delivery of content (MOOCs, e-learning modules, etc.)
  • Asynchronous online learning activities (e.g. discussion forums, wikis etc.)
  • Synchronous online learning activities (e.g. real-time virtual classrooms/seminars etc.)
  • Digital assessment